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2015-05-30 11:03:12View Transaction #50726
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2015-05-30 09:03:15View Transaction #50694
2015-05-30 08:03:19View Transaction #50678
2015-05-30 07:03:07View Transaction #50662
2015-05-30 06:03:04View Transaction #50645
2015-05-30 05:03:01View Transaction #50628
2015-05-30 04:03:09View Transaction #50611
2015-05-30 03:10:23View Transaction #50610
2015-05-30 02:03:12View Transaction #50593

Clams and Cryptonite update

Clams has finally caught up with the block chain and will process the queue transactions shortly, Cryptonite faucets are currently disabled while we wait for daemon to sync with the blockchain because the address verifications was causing the downloading of the blockchain to be considerably slower. Cryptonite has about 40k more blocks to go before it will process the queue. Once the queue has been processed I will re-enable the faucets.

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