SSL issues and regarding Chinese new year

First and foremost I would like to apologize to us who could not access the server, it was due to an SSL issue which has now been resolved. I do not believe this should have affected any credits but if you are missing credits please send me an email.

Secondly, Regarding the payment schedule for the duration of the Chinese New Year I hope to have payments out as the queue reaches 10 requests as usual but due to limited connection options I may not be able to access the site daily.  The Chinese new year runs from the 11th – 20ish

Fee change payment update

Hello everyone I hope you all had a wonderful holiday this year.  As you know Cryptospout had a two transactions stuck in the mempool due to low fee’s. My initial plan was to wait it out as I felt the network was just clogged but this appears to not have been successful. As such I went ahead and tried to push the transactions through with a fee bump. One of the pending transactions has been confirmed successfully. The other is still stuck but I am working on getting it confirmed.


Pending transaction:

6abefb729a036bc7eb18af11bdbca8019d903fca768e33c9ecfb5ef4cab4161b – a3bdc4a420338bcf6ccf2b3c812a7273d52fd5f5d693558549fcc105cf0749c5 (confirmed)

50033e15a404ae160e7b325219f7a309d3d6d682e2708e6469b39bb797043a4b – still stuck in the mempool looking to get it take care of (unconfirmed)



As such it appears the fee’s are not going down anytime soon so to help with transaction speeds on the site I will be updating the fee cost from 0.00005 per withdrawal to 0.0001. As I know this is a considerable bump what I have done is turned all pending withdrawals to your balance that way you can choose to either collect more points to make a larger transactions or re-initiate the withdrawal at your convenience.



As you know the end of 2017 has been nightmarish for this site but 2018 is looking bright and hope to start the new year strong!

Payment schedule changes

Cryptospout is going to be going on a temporary payment schedule change due to the cost of Bitcoin transactions. Currently I am charging a transaction fee of 0.00005 from each withdrawal request for the site. This fee is sufficient when multiple requests are made each day. However with the rising price of Bitcoin the number of withdrawals per day has dropped considerably and as such maybe only 3 or 4 users a day need a withdrawal request fulfilled. As I do not want to increase the fee for withdrawals what I have been doing is waiting until a minimum of 10 confirmed requests are available and then sending the transaction. A confirmed request is one that has been cleared of any fraud and ready for a payment transaction.  This means withdrawal requests may not be processed on a daily basis for the time being unless more daily withdrawal requests come in.  I will be adding a ticket on the site that will show how many total pending transactions are in the queue to help users see when the next transaction will be processed. This change will only be for the time being once network fees start to drop I will gladly switch back to the old daily transaction format.  I hope this clears up any confusion and wish you all a happy holidays.

December & increased earnings

Cryptospout is offering a holiday season bonus for both EngageMe.Tv & GamerLoot rewards. Be sure to take advantage of both offers on AdscendMedia OfferWall to earn this bonus.


Things You Definitely DON’T Want to Do
(surefire ways to earn absolutely nothing with EngageMe.TV and get into trouble)

  • Automatically Skip the Content: EngageMe.TV is meant to be used like television. Skip the content you don’t like, but don’t go beyond that.
  • Use an Autorefresher: Autorefreshers aren’t allowed at EngageMe.TV, and in at least four ways can hurt your earnings.
  • Run Any Sort of Script: Running scripts is against the rules and will get you banned.
  • Ignore Device Limits: Don’t watch EngageMe.TV on more than 1 screen per device and more than 3 devices total per household. This includes a mix of mobile and desktop devices. Each device must also be associated with a unique viewer. We understand that you like to put it on smart TV’s, so you can watch around the house, but currently you can only stream to 3 devices per household at a time. Please note that the 3 device limit applies across both EngageMe.TV and GamerLoot. Thus, if you want to use both EngageMe.TV and GamerLoot at the same time, you must still abide by the 3 device limit.
  • Do Anything Else Meant to Game It    

In general, don’t be uncool…it’s free.

Things You Definitely Want to Do
(ways to have a more enjoyable experience, earn more credits)

  • Take EngageMe.TV for a Test Drive: Look around and try out new channels and all available features.
  • Watch EngageMe.TV All the Time: You can’t earn if you don’t watch! Watch EngageMe.TV at home, while cleaning, at the beach, at the mall, while eating dinner, etc.
  • Skip Videos You Don’t Like: We want you to actually enjoy watching, so don’t waste your time with any videos that you aren’t interested in.
  • Try the EngageMe.TV Mobile App: You definitely need to try the EngageMe.TV iOS app (relaunching soon) or the EngageMe.TV Android app, as you’ll enjoy easy earning on the go!
  • Always Update: To give yourself that most chances to earn (and make sure things continue to run smoothly), always update to the latest version of our app.
  • Get the Full Experience: Maximize your screen size and turn up the volume to get more ads and fully enjoy the content.
  • Keep the Sound On: Muting your devices may impact the amount of ads you receive, making it tougher to earn. No one wants to earn less, so make sure you don’t mute your devices.
  • Don’t Get in a Channel Rut: Try switching channels to discover your favorite types of videos!
  • Chrome is Actually Gold: If watching EngageMe.TV on desktop, make sure to always use Google Chrome to get the best viewing experience.
  • Tell Your Friends: The more you support us by sharing EngageMe.TV with your friends, the more content and new features we can add. So, don’t be shy!
  • Request New Linked Partners: If you don’t see your favorite rewards website or app listed as an EngageMe.TV Linked Partner, please let us know using this form.
  • We Want to Hear from You: Feel free to let us know what’s on your mind, like new content that you would like to see, or any ideas for new features, by clicking on the Submit a Request link on the top right corner of this page.

Where did the admin go?

Living in china is a pretty unique experience but one sore point has always been its internet restrictions. Using a VPN is pretty much the only way to have a decent time on the internet unless you are connecting directly to Chinese servers for various activities. Sometimes VPN service can be interrupted its normal for this to happen during Chinese holidays or important political events and is just part of the life here in china. About 2 and half weeks ago one such interruption occurred, and I didn’t think much of it.  However, after a few days I realized this was a much longer interruption, so I figured I should contact my vpn provider. My vpn provider who I had been using for about 3 years replied to me that they had been aware of the outage, but it was no longer in their interest to support china based customers and simply offered a refund on my year subscription. I had been happy with their service and completely understand the difficulties of having stable service in china but obviously a refund alone was because I can’t access my own server when I don’t have VPN access.

Getting used to VPN service and then having it abruptly removed is terrible for memory of how to get around the Chinese internet, Baidu the main search engine here does not provide any VPN listings, and google is blocked. I was hoping Bing could provide some results but unfortunately, they have strict search filtering enabled when connecting from a Chinese IP. After a while I gave up trying to find service inside china and started to look for alternative means of gaining a subscription. I called my sister to see if she could help me but as soon as I said the word VPN I realized it was a losing battle because I might as well be speaking a different language in her mind. Finally, I realized what I had to do. I had to make a trip to Hong Kong where the internet is far less restricted to purchase my VPN service.  Over this past weekend I did just that.

While in Hong Kong I picked up two VPN subscriptions one which is for primary use and one for if I have another outage.  This should ensure that I always have a VPN available for use for the future.  However, I now realize that I need to implement another way for users to contact me if I ever experience an outage like this again. Reddit is about the only social network that is not blocked in china and a few of you have contacted me directly on there. Thanks for that!

Now let’s talk about the timeline to getting everything caught up. Going to Hong Kong has been a bit of a hassle but now that my internet service is restored I need to get the site up to speed.  I have quite a few reports and payments to process and I want to make some changes to the site so if I can’t access the site directly I can still post communications.  I have taken off work both the 16th and 17th to ensure I can get everything done this week. If you have questions concerns or comments, please feel free to now email me but do note I have a rather large backlog of emails to go through.



  1. Lost ability to access the server
  2. took a few days to find the problem
  3. had to go to Hong Kong to resolve the issue
  4. taking time off work this week to ensure everything is resolved by the end of the week.

Temporarily delay in payments from 10/10/2017 – 10/14/2017

During the period of 10.10.2017 – 10.14.2017 I will be involved in a transition from one city to another here in China. Due how I am shipping my belongings to the new city I can expect a 1 – 3 day delay for my belongings. Although I can access the administrative area of this site through my phone the payment wallet runs on a local server that will be shipping with my other belongings.  Due to this I am making the announcement of potential payment delays through this period.  I will still be finalizing transactions and checking for fraud on my mobile device while in the transition so you can still make withdraw requests but the actual payment transaction will occur once I get my server back up and running in my new living area.  Support will still be available during this time for those who have questions and concerns but responses may be slower than typical.



(This transition has been completed payments have been caught up)