CPALeads has been added to the site for earning points here at Cryptospout. They tend to have more apps than offers so to make full use of their points wall you should be using a mobile device. You can access the CPALeads points wall by clicking on the Earn Points Tab then clicking CPALead. CPALead has two types of offfers apps and a generic offers tab to switch categories simply click  the menu button in the top right corner



or scroll to the bottom of the offers and find two navigation buttons at the bottom



I still get tickets and emails daily regarding the return of the faucets. Although my answer is still “not at this time” I think I have found a way to bring the spirit of the faucets back to Cryptospout. Starting today you can get a daily bonus of 0.000035 points for completing offers each 24 hour cycle. So make sure to come everyday and complete some offers to maximize your bonus points!

One of the downsides of switching to the Poloniex api 2 months ago was that I couldn’t easily report transaction ids for withdrawals. The reason is due to how Poloniex API initiates withdrawals it only returns a success or error message for example: {“response”:”Withdrew 2398 NXT.”} but does not return a transaction id because poloniex queues transactions. However you can use the Poloniex api to pull withdrawal and deposit history between two unix timestamps. After some playing around I was able to have my withdrawal table correlate the poloniex withdrawal history and grab the txid. One issue that may have occurred that I didn’t consider prior to running the cron to catch up the database is that if you use the same withdrawal address and withdraw the same amount the script will have given the first txid in the list repeatedly. This issue would only occur when I ran the first run of the script because I was going so far back in time for the transaction history and will not occur on future txid updates.



TLDR Transaction ids are back.

Listed below are the total coins sent to users these values do not reflect those which are still in the database as unsent. All calculations of bitcoin and USD value will be at the current rates at the time of this post.

  • Dogecoin: 39014518.1447662  – Estimated BTC Total:  18.33682353
  • Dash: 546.83664267 – Estimated BTC Total: 6.01180175
  • Pandacoin: 21385340.0869995 – Not listed on Poloniex
  • Graffiti: 156979.782 – Not listed on Poloniex
  • Reddcoin: 99096716.0458097 – Estimated BTC Total: 5.94580296
  • Litecoin: 911.14621414 – Estimated BTC Total: 5.8050492
  • GameCredits: 18270.20759921 – Estimated BTC Total: 2.36818431
  • Blackcoin: 45563.25968295 – Estimated BTC Total: 2.4936772
  • Peercoin: 2320.65279259 – Estimated BTC Total: 1.50176404
  • Shadowcash: 4166.4389936 – Estimated BTC Total: 1.42338055
  • Namecoin: 1966.87790072 – Estimated BTC Total: 1.20266716
  • BitcoinDark: 592.88825233 – Estimated BTC Total: 1.62391499
  • Bitcoin: 9.0610804
  • Clamcoin: 1457.28204358 – Estimated BTC Total: 1.78649663
  • NuBits: 426.2276483 – Estimated BTC Total:  0.33079528
  • Mintcoin: 11174271.8422088 – Not listed on Poloniex
  • Magi: 44184.77890393 – Estimated BTC Total: 0.6203543
  • VeriCoin: 14628.23052317 – Estimated BTC Total: 1.1209613
  • Archcoin: 75790.37101622 – Not listed on Poloniex
  • Gridcoin Research: 179050.25805166 – Estimated BTC Total: 1.5989188
  • Feathercoin: 23027.70618902 – Not listed on Poloniex
  • Startcoin: 1989.597198 – Not listed on Poloniex
  • X-Coin: 35986.97220003 – Not listed on Poloniex
  • Rubycoin: 2695.70864387 – Estimated BTC Total: 0.49582169
  • Primecoin: 4962.43516717 – Estimated BTC Total: 0.74158631
  • Opal: 72103.54835336 – Not listed on Poloniex
  • Digibyte: 1686724.93650793  – Estimated BTC Total: 1.06263671
  • Riecoin: 0.15188898 – Estimated BTC Total: 0.15188898
  • Hyperstake: 895986.83946569 – Estimated BTC Total: 0.29567566
  • Gapcoin: 73123.82426901 – Estimated BTC Total: 0.47091743
  • Stablecoin: 9984.2382 – Not listed on Poloniex
  • Sprouts: 11651.35657837 – Not listed on Poloniex
  • Moin: 12221.72399999 – Not listed on Poloniex
  • Radium – 695.88754053 – Estimated BTC Total: 0.33152082
  • Ethereum – 0.11004466 – Estimated BTC Total: 0.00217929
  • Bitshares – 26.0020998 – Estimated BTC Total: 0.0002101
  • MaidSafeCoin – 14039.39965839 – Estimated BTC Total: 1.67237329
  • Siacoin – 29313.64226416 – Estimated BTC Total: 0.03810773
  • StoreJCoinX – 1947.58961486  – Estimated BTC Total: 0.31141958

Estimated Total BTC given away:  > 66.80600999  ( >~ $42,380)

Faucets have been the core content of this site since its conception. I started that Dogecoin faucet over 2 years ago which has led to what Cryptospout has become today. When I first started the site it was an easy way to get started with cryptocurrencies to the few users that visited. However as time progressed and popularity grew I expanded to multiple coins and served over a hundred thousand coin requests a day. With its growth of popularity also grew issues some users took advantage of the free crypto and started using bots, proxies and other means of automation to circumvent the limits per use and to unfairly collect coins. To manage the rule abusers I had to implement annoying updates such as captchas and give each user an extremely low payout to account for the people who choose to abuse the system However this worked for a few years. Last month however I had two issues that have prevented me from keeping the faucets going. The first being my ISP is actively closing my connection to foreign ips this is causing me problems to keeping the daemons up to date and funds in the wallets at this time I do not have an alternate isp to go with as in my current area only one ISP provider is available. The second issue is that Adsense is unhappy with the traffic the site brings and said a large portion of the traffic was from people abusing hosting networks. Switching advertising was an easy enough task but the hosting situation has been a real issue. As a result I started using an exchange API to send the faucet payments to users. Today However I have received a request from that exchange to not use their API for such activities. This puts me in the position where once again I had to disable the faucets. At this point I have come to the conclusion that the faucets simply are not worth the time to try and keep up if I can’t host the daemons myself. They have been a great way of spreading the word of cryptocurrencies but now that the word is out it’s time for Cryptospout to evolve its model on how it handles giving out cryptocurrencies. The Crypto offers portion of my site has been a huge success and is far more rewarding to the users than the faucets have ever been. I have therefore decided to make this section of Cryptospout the main focus. Will the faucets and deluges ever come back in the future? Maybe. However for now I invite you to check out the new ways to earn cryptocurrencies at

When I first started the offer walls I had little to no fraud verification on my users. One of the ways I started preventing fraudulent users was by auto banning users when leads had been rejected by the offer provider. It was harsh but semi effective way of dealing with the rule breakers. However with the new registration restrictions and fraud scoring of users this method is no longer necessary to combat fraudsters. This means that you will no longer get auto banned if one or two leads get rejected. However if your account receives many lead rejections you may still be banned as fraudulent. I will be looking at rejected lead reports on a case by case basis and the decision on ban will be based on your history.

With the recent rise in Bitcoin’s price I thought it would be fun to show the Estimated USD value of Bitcoins earned. You can now hover over many of the statistics in the bottom portion of the page and view the estimated USD value of the bitcoins. The value is the weighted average provided by and is updated every 60 seconds or so.