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Cryptospout is the go to place to earn Bitcoin and other digital currencies such as Litecoin and Ethereum easily. Earn Points to watch videos, Take surveys, Download APPs, Try products, Visit websites, Listen to music, and more! Exchange points for Bitcoin or other Digital Currencies

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What's Cryptospout?

Started in 2014 Cryptospout had one goal in mind: To allow anyone easy access to get started with Cryptocurrencies. Thus, a Dogecoin faucet was born! After several years of using the faucet model the Cryptospout was redesigned to allow a more rewarding experience for its users. Cryptospout has always strived to be the most rewarding and easiest to obtain Bitcoin earning platform. You can earn Bitcoin’s through a variety of tasks & offers that are update daily. Our offer providers have offers available for just about every country in the world and with a low required points accumulation for withdrawals you can spend as much or as little effort as you want when earning digital currencies. If Bitcoin is not your thing don’t worry we have you covered and offer free conversion to multiple other Digital currencies such as Dogecoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and many more.

If you are looking to earn some extra income, or are looking to get started with Digital Currencies such as Bitcoin or Litecoin but you don’t want to buy them with physical currency then Cryptospout is right for you! Join Today!

News & Announcements

Do not use the Opera Browser when completing offers.

December 5, 2017

It has just come to my attention that the Opera browser includes a free to use VPN in its browser that’s enabled by default. Using a VPN to complete offers on Cryptospout will cause your account to be banned. Please ensure that all VPN or proxies are turned off before completing offers and I recommend either using Chrome or Firefox when using Cryptospout.

December & increased earnings

November 21, 2017

Cryptospout is offering a holiday season bonus for both EngageMe.Tv & GamerLoot rewards. Be sure to take advantage of both offers on AdscendMedia OfferWall to earn this bonus.


Things You Definitely DON’T Want to Do
(surefire ways to earn absolutely nothing with EngageMe.TV and get into trouble)

  • Automatically Skip the Content: EngageMe.TV is meant to be used like television. Skip the content you don’t like, but don’t go beyond that.
  • Use an Autorefresher: Autorefreshers aren’t allowed at EngageMe.TV, and in at least four ways can hurt your earnings.
  • Run Any Sort of Script: Running scripts is against the rules and will get you banned.
  • Ignore Device Limits: Don’t watch EngageMe.TV on more than 1 screen per device and more than 3 devices total per household. This includes a mix of mobile and desktop devices. Each device must also be associated with a unique viewer. We understand that you like to put it on smart TV’s, so you can watch around the house, but currently you can only stream to 3 devices per household at a time. Please note that the 3 device limit applies across both EngageMe.TV and GamerLoot. Thus, if you want to use both EngageMe.TV and GamerLoot at the same time, you must still abide by the 3 device limit.
  • Do Anything Else Meant to Game It    

In general, don’t be uncool…it’s free.

Things You Definitely Want to Do
(ways to have a more enjoyable experience, earn more credits)

  • Take EngageMe.TV for a Test Drive: Look around and try out new channels and all available features.
  • Watch EngageMe.TV All the Time: You can’t earn if you don’t watch! Watch EngageMe.TV at home, while cleaning, at the beach, at the mall, while eating dinner, etc.
  • Skip Videos You Don’t Like: We want you to actually enjoy watching, so don’t waste your time with any videos that you aren’t interested in.
  • Try the EngageMe.TV Mobile App: You definitely need to try the EngageMe.TV iOS app (relaunching soon) or the EngageMe.TV Android app, as you’ll enjoy easy earning on the go!
  • Always Update: To give yourself that most chances to earn (and make sure things continue to run smoothly), always update to the latest version of our app.
  • Get the Full Experience: Maximize your screen size and turn up the volume to get more ads and fully enjoy the content.
  • Keep the Sound On: Muting your devices may impact the amount of ads you receive, making it tougher to earn. No one wants to earn less, so make sure you don’t mute your devices.
  • Don’t Get in a Channel Rut: Try switching channels to discover your favorite types of videos!
  • Chrome is Actually Gold: If watching EngageMe.TV on desktop, make sure to always use Google Chrome to get the best viewing experience.
  • Tell Your Friends: The more you support us by sharing EngageMe.TV with your friends, the more content and new features we can add. So, don’t be shy!
  • Request New Linked Partners: If you don’t see your favorite rewards website or app listed as an EngageMe.TV Linked Partner, please let us know using this form.
  • We Want to Hear from You: Feel free to let us know what’s on your mind, like new content that you would like to see, or any ideas for new features, by clicking on the Submit a Request link on the top right corner of this page.

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