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Our faucets are easy to use with no hidden requirements. Simply enter your coin address and captcha and click give coins in any of the currency categories we offer!

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We don't just have a large variety of coins to offer, we also offer some of the largest disbursement sizes of coins available!

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Unlike other crypto currency giveaways we do not require you to sign up for our site or to submit personal contact information such as email. Simply enter your coin address and submit!


Hourly Faucets offered:

  • 103633.340128Faucet Balance:
  • 5908046.08649935Total Disbursed:
  • 1114927Total Disbursements:

  • 9.37263Faucet Balance:
  • 126.63743000Total Disbursed:
  • 304490Total Disbursements:

  • 2136733.5645Faucet Balance:
  • 5539959.92649956Total Disbursed:
  • 89000Total Disbursements:

  • 344773.152788Faucet Balance:
  • 12342224.55199754Total Disbursed:
  • 361484Total Disbursements:

  • 8.20947976Faucet Balance:
  • 116.57581893Total Disbursed:
  • 124228Total Disbursements:

  • 278.37478033Faucet Balance:
  • 8766.88625000Total Disbursed:
  • 190980Total Disbursements:

  • 21.551328Faucet Balance:
  • 255.22452951Total Disbursed:
  • 21695Total Disbursements:

  • 107.62562754Faucet Balance:
  • 487.72240000Total Disbursed:
  • 19673Total Disbursements:

  • 21.27546105Faucet Balance:
  • 115.95020000Total Disbursed:
  • 10484Total Disbursements:

  • 7.64199815Faucet Balance:
  • 24.15896500Total Disbursed:
  • 46348Total Disbursements:

  • 0.24577524Faucet Balance:
  • 0.74979599Total Disbursed:
  • 6528Total Disbursements:

  • 14.14270738Faucet Balance:
  • 16.40815000Total Disbursed:
  • 35221Total Disbursements:

  • 282080.13125Faucet Balance:
  • 221630.50000000Total Disbursed:
  • 8756Total Disbursements:

  • 1126.4569816Faucet Balance:
  • 110.66775000Total Disbursed:
  • 2705Total Disbursements: